Cozy Select Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow

  • 8999

  • NOT TOO THICK! Many Memory Foam Pillows for sale don’t allow for stomach sleepers or those who enjoy a slimmer pillow to use them. If you like a COOL pillow, we’ve got you covered too! Our micro-vented cover allows for maximum ventilation to keep BOTH SIDES of the pillow cool and to give YOU the BEST SLEEP of your life!
  • Completely Machine Washable! Comes with our Durable Pillow Sleeve with EASY ACCESS zipper! Our foam is 100% GUARANTEED to NEVER go flat! Our rolling and vacuum packing provide Frustration Free packing and Eco Friendly Shipping Methods to keep our environment safe! If you suffer from allergies, LOOK NO FURTHER! Cozy Select pillows are Hypoallergenic, so we have you covered and comfortable!
  • EXTREME COMFORT - If you suffer from migraines, snoring, allergies, TMJ, stomach sleeping, back sleeping, or insomnia, our pillows have been proven to give RELIEF! Our pillows are like sleeping on a COZY cloud or in a 5 star hotel!
  • PROMOTED by Orthopedics everywhere! Cozy Select Pillows promote spinal alignment for your neck and back even if you sleep on your back or stomach! The Memory Foam inside allows you to mold your pillow to a shape that WORKS FOR YOU! Our pillows reduce tossing and turning and allow a full nights sleep for those that have trouble sleeping!